Review: I used Glossier Body Hero Duo for a Week (with before and after pictures!)

With Fall 2017 and Winter 2017 approaching fast, dewy and moisturized skin is now the hottest women’s accessory! I was looking for something that would make my skin look hydrated, without feeling oily and the Glossier Body Hero campaign got me! So, I quickly placed my order of the Glossier Body Hero Daily Oil Wash and Perfecting Cream. I used Glossier Body Hero Duo for a week and here are my thoughts on the price, smell, hydration, dewiness and before and after pictures of Glossier Body Hero!

Glossier Body Hero Duo

Price: $35 for the set of Glossier Body Hero Daily Oil Wash and Glossier Daily Perfecting Cream

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What does Glossier Body Hero smell like?

Amazing, but a little strong at first.  Glossier describes it as:An antioxidant-rich mix of Cactus Flower Extract, Prickly Pear Extract, and Yucca Extract for prolonged moisture.

Evodia Rutaecarpa Fruit Extract Complex: Boosts skin’s brightness with every use.

Tamarind Fruit: Filled with Magnesium, Potassium, and Alpha Hydroxy Acids that exfoliate for smooth skin.

Light-Reflecting Particles: For an instant, universally flattering glow.

Orange Blossom Neroli Blend: For a soft, fresh, baby-like scent.

Kind of smells like a mix of Rose, Sandalwood and Jasmine. I personally love the smell of Jasmine and Rose, so it’s my kind of scent.

Hydration & Dew Factor:

Love at first sight.. is real. I’ve tried the Neutrogena Oil but it is very different than how the Glossier Body Hero line made my skin look and feel.

Body Oil Wash– Comes out as oil and glides onto the skin, as you lather it up on your skin it relieves this romantic, jasmine scent. It rinses off clean, without your skin feeling rubbery or dry. When you towel dry your body, it’s noticeably softer.
Perfecting Cream– Thicker than I was expecting, a little goes a long way! Smells great and a little strong at first, but blends away during your day! Hydrates your skin well and dries fast so you don’t have to wait to get dressed!

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Packed in a subscription-box style box, it came taped shut with a signature Glossier shipping tape. When I opened the box (I hate myself for not taking pictures!) it had my Body Hero Duo in Ziploc bags, a free pump for the Daily Oil wash, and a free sample (you can pick at checkout)! Shipping was fast for me, within 4 days!

After a week, here’s what happened: (Glossier Body Hero Duo Before and After pictures!)

My skin is softer, even without any product. I love smelling myself and I did find the scent does wear off more throughout the day, loved the light scent that would linger throughout my work day.  Glossier Body Hero made me feel a lot more confident about my skin, and my décolletage has never looked sexier (and dewier)! These sets will also be great for gifting!!

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These sets may also make great Christmas gifts, what do you think of Glossier’s Body Hero line?


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