The Complete Brown Girl Guide to Shaving Your Face

So if you’re an Indian woman, you most likely have some serious peach fuzz. & your mom has probably either scared you into never shaving/waxing or convinced you to just bleach it. Time to move past those myths and start shaving your face! Here’s my Brown Girl guide to shaving your facial hair!


Salons nationwide offer a service known as dermaplaning, which is a fancy way for them to shave your face so that it can be exfoliated. It removes the layer of dead skin cells to reveal smooth, bright skin.

Koreans have been shaving their peach fuzz for years now and popular Hollywood icons (including Marilyn Monroe) have also been known to do it for years. Shaving your peach fuzz is also known to make your makeup application much more flawless!

Won’t my hair grow back darker?

If you just have peach fuzz, no. If you already have really dark and thick hair there, then yes. Essentially, it varies from person to person but the majority of us have peach fuzz- a coating of thin hair along our jawline, cheek and the side of our eyebrows.

If your the type of Indian, that needs the scientific explanation, it all comes down to the fact that there’s a difference in types of hair on your body. Peach fuzz is vellus hair, while leg/underarm/bikini hair is terminal hair. The 2 types of hair are different and even though they both start as vellus hair, they essentially establish themselves as vellus or terminal after puberty.

Who should do this?
If you have mostly normal skin (aka only occasional pimple or dryness), this is right for you! However, dermatologist don’t recommend shaving to those prone to acne. Overactive oil glands can make you more prone to irritation and cause more problems for your skin. Additionally, if you have darker hair instead of peach fuzz, this may not be a good fit for you. Note I’m not a doctor, this is all information I’ve gathered from the tons of articles I read through before trying it!

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Okay, I’m in. How do I start!?

1. Don’t use your regular razor.
Your regular razor can make you more prone to razor burns and cuts! Instead, spend a few dollars & buy special facial razors that are less harsh and sharp! I recommend the Tinkle razors, available for as low as $6 for a 6 pack on eBay!

2. Do it dry and downwards.
First, wash your face with a cleanser and dry completely. Next, take your facial razor, tilt it at a 45 degree angle and gently shave with downwards stroke. Unlike when you shave your legs, don’t go against the grain.

3. Moisturize!
Their is a con that comes with being a brown girl-we’re definitely prone to ingrowns! So be sure to take good care of your skin afterwards. After shaving, use a toner (I recommend the FAB facial radiance pads! Cut them in half to get more bang for your buck)! Then, moisturize your skin, and do not put in any makeup for an hour, to reduce irritation.

4. Aftercare and Frequency.
Remember that shaving is a very strong exfoliant. So, be sure to ease up (not eliminate) on any facial scrubs, Clarisonic or other exfoliation treatments while you’re still learning how your skin reacts. Finally, find your right frequency! Some women don’t have to re-shave for upto a month, while others can shave unto a maximum of twice a week.

Here is my own before/after pictures, taken right before and after my first time! No retouching or makeup, but I apologize for the poor lighting in the first pic!



Would you try shaving your face!? Share below! 🙂


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