10 Things to Know Before Starting Yoga

Yoga is a both a great stress reliever and a great way to get fit! I’ve been attending Yoga classes for the past week and wish I knew a few things before I started. So, here’s a list of everything you need to know before attending your first class!

10 Tips for Beginner Yogis:

  1. Wear dark-colored yoga pants and check for tears
    • With all the bending and squatting and legs up in the air, you may want to wear darker colored yoga pants and be sure to check for tears around your butt area! Even if the others around you aren’t looking, your Yoga teacher sees all. Personally, I’ve seen some things I cannot unsee…
  2. Wear tight tanks (and sports bras)
    • While you may be tempted to wear flowy tanks or loose t-shirts to class, it’s better to wear actual activewear tanks so you can do all the poses without having to pull down your tank or worry someone can see your stomach. Sports bras are also essential so you can really stretch and get into the poses.
  3. Wear sandals or flip-flops  (sneakers not needed)
    • My first day of Yoga class I showed up wearing sneakers, to find out that I am going to be doing Yoga barefoot anyways! So, be sure to trim your nails and wash your feet to practice good hygiene in case your Yoga instructor needs to guide you or adjust your poses for correct alignment. Plus, sneakers just ended up making my feet sweaty before class– from now on I wear sandals 🙂
  4. Bring a hand towel for sweat, water, a yoga and a bath towel 
    • These are the 4 things that you’ll need- with the exception of the longer bath.beach towel that’s optional. The bath towel is especially helpful for Hot Yoga where you’re pouring sweat and can no longer grip your mat because its so wet– you can just lay your bath towel over your yoga mat and keep going!
  5. Know whether you’re taking a regular or hot yoga class
    • Regular yoga classes (unheated) are much different than Hot or Bikram Yoga classes. The hot/Bikram yoga classes really require you to be mentally and physically prepared to be active in 95 degree+ temperature! So be aware.
  6. Start with a regular yoga class if possible.
    • The hot yoga class requires you to drink liters and liters of water before the class and requires mental prep for the insane heat you’re about to feel. You’ll probably have a pounding headache halfway through, but know that’s normal. But, if it’s your first Yoga class, I suggest starting out in an unheated studio, learning your basic Vinyasa poses and then stepping it up to a Hot Yoga class.
  7. Don’t drink too much water during the class
    •  You may be tempted to drink water during your class, but you don’t want to get cramps or not be able to engage your core because you’ve had too much water. So, take a sip or two here and there but know hydrating before a class is the key!
  8. Don’t eat anything super heavy
    • Especially true for hot yoga, eating before a class can make you extremely nauseous. So, if you’re taking a class at 8, I suggest not eating anything past 5, and instead drinking water.
  9. Try before you buy
    • Most Yoga studios offer $30 for 30 day unlimited yoga package for new students. Before you buy that package, try 1 class first to see if you even like it. If a class is only $15 and you buy the package before even trying 1 class, you may end up hating the studio or the instructor or yoga in general and end up wasting the additional $15. So, try it before you buy!
  10. Focus on yourself and follow the teacher’s voice
    • Give your mind a break when you’re doing yoga and do the best you can– the teacher’s will also walk around and help you adjust poses! Don’t worry about being as flexible as the person next to you, just do what you can. Most of all, remember most people in Yoga classes are super nice and have been where you are– everyone of them was a beginner at some point in time! Stay motivated 🙂


Follow these tips and you’ll go from a Yoga Beginner to Pro in no time!  What was your first Yoga class like? Share below!


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